Thursday, February 03, 2005

If you build them, they will buy.

With the introduction of the 2006 Jetta, US drivers were introduced to their first variant of the the new Golf platform. Europeans, however, have been motoring in the fifth generation Golf since 2003 and now have the first of a plethora of new Golfs to motor in, the Golf Plus. The Plus is a slightly larger Golf that has a higher roofline and more interior room than the standard Golf. Why make a big Golf when sales of the Golf V are already below expectations? Don't know, but VW has even more up its sleeves. The Golf franchise continues to grow over the next three years, and soon there will be the new Golf convertible, mini-van, 4x4, and wagon. VW better hope that the voice was right or they might be left with a field of unsold cars.

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