Thursday, March 31, 2005

TVR - the British Viper

For most Americans, the only exposure they have ever had to a TVR is (1) they vaguely remember their crazy uncle having one, which is now gathering dusk in the back of his garage; or (2) they vaguely remeber seeing some Hollywood star driving one in some terribly over-the-top big budget summer blockbuster (the movie was Swordfish and the star was Travolta), or (3) they spent $8.00 on a copy of the glossy British magazine Car, and ogled over some glorious TVR shots. Back on the continent, TVR keeps trying to move the brand forward, doing what it's been doing for the last decade. Now owned by a twenty something Russian billionaire, Nikolai Smolenski, and located in the British equivent of Atlantic City, TVR is continuing to build a reputation among European motorists as a petrol heads ultimate sports car. Powerful, raw, and as always outrageously syled, these cars are for true adrenaline junkies only. Luxury and reliability come second to function and power. Despite massive improvements in quality, however, TVR still remains the redheaded stepchild of sports car manufaturers. Despite everything TVR has don,e it just can't seem to shake its working class roots.

Two new TVRs are set to change that. The Tuscan 2 and the Sagaris are out to prove that TVR can compete with the worlds best. My step-brother once owned a Griffith 500, TVR's first great car, and can tell you from personal experience that these cars are awesome and would make a great alternative to a Viper or Corvette. Since the Griffith, things have only gotten better at TVR, and if the exchange rate wasn't crap TVR could do well here too. And maybe international super villains wouldn't be the only ones driving these great cars on American shores.

Learn More - Sagaris

Learn More - Tuscan 2


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