Friday, February 11, 2005

Carver - A three wheeled General?

In hemi obsessed America, it's hard to imagine a 4 cylinder 65 hp sports car winning over the hearts and souls of driving enthusiasts. The American automotive fun barometer has long been dominated by the number of cylinders under one's hood. Sure there are some fun four cylinder cars, but if you ever want to have an extreme Moutain Dew, Dukes of Hazard-type experience, you need a V8, 300+ horses, and 3.0 liters. Yet, 65 hp is all that propels the amazingly entertaining three wheel Dutch Carver. Indeed, even though a 2-liter bottle of Dew has more volume then Carver's 660cc engine, it delivers more thrills and lead-foot fun than any muscle car. The secret to the Carver's success is the fact that it's a crossover vehicle, but not of the Freestyle verity. This is a totally unique crossover that combines the sporting benefits and motoring virtues of two wheel transportation with the practical nature and safety of traditional motorcars. At the heart of this package is Carver's unique steering and suspension system that allows the entire vehicle to bank like a motorcycle. With a standard automotive steering wheel, Carver drivers can literally turn into bends. The experience looks amazing, but where are the good old boys going to put their flag?

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