Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chevrolet Kalos? What you talking about!

Bet you've never heard of the Chevy Kalos? What about the Tacuma? Or the Lacetti? Nope. Well, neither has most of Europe, the new market for these vowel laden marquees. While the names Vectra and Astra, of GM's Opel division, are European staples, most old-world motorist will have as much trouble remembering these names as you or I. Well that is all about to change. With a flashy website and lots of marketing euros, Chevrolet is in the midst of a major European offensive. Over the last three weeks, GM has launched three new Chevys in Europe. Don't expect to see Monte Carlo's on the Autobahn, Chevy's European expansion will be fueled by a portfolio of cars from Daewoo's former inventory and is aimed almost excusively at those with a limited budget. Indeed, many of these new Chevys are the same cars leading Suzuki's expansion in the U.S. So what have we learned? Chevy is now the Geo of Europe. Hopefully things turn out better. But GM's track record of brand swapping is ... not so good.

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