Thursday, March 03, 2005

Geneva: Old school, new school

I have been mulling over the photographs and stories from the Geneva autoshow, (wait -- I mean reminiscing over my time spent walking through the Palexpo) and there are a ton of fascinating stories from the floor. More than any other autoshow, Geneva is home to the enthusiastic small scale auto manufacturers that are off the international radar. One of the more interesting cars that has generally been overlooked by the mainstream press is the Aeromax concept from the historic British manufacturer Morgan. The car not only displays Morgan's flexible modern manufacturing processes, it is an ionic symbol of the traditional building techniques still employed at Morgan. The Aeromax, like all Morgans, is built on an ash wooden frame. That's right - ash. But tradition isn't holding Morgan back. This handsome, handmade coupe was designed by Matthew Humphries, a 21 year-old transport design student at Coventry University. A great job by Humphries and Morgan.

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