Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Large Italian conglomerate looking for fun and synergies

Just three days after holding up G.M. for $2 billion, Fiat SpA announced Wednesday that it will buy the Maserati sportscar brand from Ferrari. Fiat, who already has a majority stake in Ferrari, is looking to develop "technological and commercial synergies" between its premium brand, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. What does this mean for the eager American motorist yearning for the roar of an Alfa? It's good news. While GM never made any significant inroads with its plan to import Alfas (Alfa/Saab combo sounded great to me), Fiat appears to be bullish about launching a full scale Alfa invasion. Indeed, with the U.S. generating one third of all Maserati sales, Alfa's return is now almost guaranteed. My left foot, for one, can't wait.


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