Monday, February 14, 2005

BLS, the Cimarron returns, sort of

Is there anything more American than Cadillac? Like Apple Pie, Baseball, and all you can eat buffet dinners, Cadillacs are an essential element of the American experience. But the latest Cadillac, the BLS, wont even be sold here. The Saab-based sedan is part of Cadillac's global ambitions, and America is sadly not part of the plan. Primarily designed for Europe, the BLS looks like a world fighter, wearing all the latest Cadillac styling cues well. At 184.25 inches in overall length, the BLS is almost six inches shorter than the CTS. But this small Cadillac is no Cimarron. Inside, the interior will boast a touch screen navigation system, Bluetooth technology, and a Bose audio system. What's next ... a Cadillac hot hatch?

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