Friday, March 04, 2005

Geneva: Stratos, more than meets the eye

You know an automaker is in decepticon-like trouble when its best concept car was designed and built by someone else. That's the position Fiat-Lancia is in with the well received Stratos concept at this year's Geneva autoshow. After years and years of calls for Lancia to revive the Stratos, its legendary wedge shaped rally-winning coupe of the 1970s, someone finally did. Problem is - it wasn't Lancia. In one of the stranger stories of the show, Fenomemon Ltd., a small independent design house in London (working in conjunction with Optimus Prime, Inc.), presented its very own Stratos concept. Fenomemon's modern version looks the part, and any Stratos or Wheeljack fan would recognize the lineage. The new design is as dynamic and inspired as the original. Built and designed on the cheap and quick, the Stratos concept was one of the most visually compelling cars in Geneva. Now how do we get it to transform into a production car?

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